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  Name   Gracelynn
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  Date   02-05-2016
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  Date   02-03-2016
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  Date   02-02-2016
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  Name   Eel
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  Date   02-01-2016
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  Date   02-01-2016
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  Date   01-31-2016
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  Date   01-31-2016
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  Name   Cactus
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  Date   01-30-2016
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  Date   01-30-2016
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  Name   Jase
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  Date   01-28-2016
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  Name   Geraldine
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  Date   01-26-2016
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  Name   Winnie
  Email   mdr8u9myg@mail.com
  Date   11-27-2015
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  Name   Prakash
  Email   59ecqa3b@mail.com
  Date   11-27-2015
  Comment   Thanks Kathy, I really enojeyd reading your book and the way you are able to capture your childhood memories as experienced when you were young. My mother died last month at the age of 98. She was one of the researchers connected to McGill; and I have been going over many of her life experiences. She left the research and continued to maintain a relationship with several of the families she met in the Pointe. My mother spoke very admiringly of the mothers who formed the anti-poverty groups fighting to improve life in he Pointe. On her 80th birthday several of the friends she had made 25 years before, came to celebrate at Westmount Park with her. I'm now in my 60 s, but as a teenager, I went with her to deliver gift boxes and helped her draw maps of the Pointe. I attended St. Leo's and was very familiar with Weredale and the Westmount High. I didn't realize it at the time, but some of what I learnt back then helped me understand families and poverty better, as I went on to become a child care worker and a social worker. I'm sorry that the efforts made in the 60 s to encourage community activism have lost a lot of their support.Thanks, you've written a great book I would certainly recommend it to anyone who works with children who have to fight for their place in our world.

  Name   Miguel
  Email   yfz0v8t1uil@mail.com
  Date   11-27-2015
  Comment   5.0 out of 5 stars This book is good, I mean seriously good., 16 May 2012ByJulie-Dawn Parry Jules the wrteir (manchester UK) See all my reviewsAmazon Verified Purchase(What is this?)This review is from: With a Closed Fist: Growing Up in Canada's Toughest Neighbourhood (Paperback)This book is good, I mean seriously good.The voice of young Kathys is unique and for me,(and I suspect for most people) so is her story. It's a moving and thought provoking account detailing her earliest childhood memories. This book will make you weep for a little girl who had to survive the hand she was dealt in Point St Charles But be ready to laugh out loud at some of her thoughts (especially when she meets Mr Levy), her interpretations (Is he asking me if I fuck my relations?) and (more often) her deeds.Yes, it's a story of poverty but more than anything its a story of family loyalty and a deep bond with her sisters. A tough but surprisingly innocent kid in an even tougher environment Kathy isn't looking for pity and that becomes obvious immediately. However she paints a vivid picture of the slum conditions she grew up in, of going to bed hungry night after night, of having very few possessions (you can only carry so many bin bags when you move house in the middle of the night)of a largely absent but much loved father, as well as a lack of basic underwear.Its a well written book, Kathy Dobson doesn't over dramatise the events taking place in her childhood but every chapter grips the reader and you really do want to see what happens next' so don't start this book too late in the evening, you won't sleep until you know.Young Kathys' voice will stay with me for quite some time I suspect my fear of sitting on the loo will too.

  Name   Talis
  Email   hswmdop8m9@mail.com
  Date   11-27-2015
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  Date   11-05-2015
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  Name   Sara Raynor
  Email   Sara.raynor@gmail.com
  Date   11-03-2015
  Comment   Heard nice things about your English labs doing well at hunt test.

  Name   Jenny Dirkman
  Email   JDirkman@aol.com
  Date   08-24-2015
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  Name   nancy carter
  Email   01mamagoose@gmail.com
  Date   03-13-2015
  Comment   Love your dogs, enjoy your website.

  Name   kay lightsey
  Email   hilabs02@yahoo.com
  Date   03-11-2015
  Comment   I watched your tribute video and it brought tears to my eyes! Such beautiful well rounded, loving and intelligent labs. Thanks for sharing.

  Name   Yusuf Aliu
  Email   aliuyusuf01
  Date   07-23-2014
  Comment   DEAR SIR,






MR Yusu Aliu.
Skype: yusuf.aliu3

  Name   Agatinqin Natasha
  Email   Natashaqqb_kk@aol.com
  Date   07-07-2014

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  Name   Tom Tate
  Email   anne.tate@cox.net
  Date   06-11-2014
  Comment   Hi to you all,
I am on a mission to track down my beloved yellow lab's family tree. "Boomer" was born @ Carnation Farms Kennels in 1998. His parents were Alpo's Albert (m) and Carnation Bon Bon (f). From the provided family tree I have I am able to see that YOUR Warpath Macho was his G.G. Grandfather and his G.G. Grandmother was Borador's Kristen's Hannah on his Fathers side. The Carnation Farms Kennels was sold and bloodlines all disbursed a few years ago. I am interested in obtaining another dog from Boomers bloodlines. I would love to open of dialogue on this with you all. My contact number is 480-751-8041 cell and 480-752-7898 home phone. I work for the Nestle USA Co. in Arizona.
Your consideration is very much appreciated.
Tom Tate

  Name   Betsy Bloch
  Email   Betsyfbloch@hotmail.com
  Date   02-10-2014
  Comment   Hi.. I was at a real estate open house yesterday where I met one of your yellow labs. Her name is teal and I fell in love. The owners of the home(Molly and Eric) shared your info with me. I'm am very very interested in an adult trained lab. My husband and I are empty nesters and it's a bit too quiet. We've always had dogs and recently lost both of them. Anyway.. If you think we are candidates for any of your adult dogs please email me or call me 216-403-5716. I woukd buy a puppy but I've got ms and don't think I have the energy to go through the training .. My black lab ,Kramer, was the smartest dog in the world and it took me a year to train him. I'm just trying to be realistic for once. :) thanks so much!!

  Name   Tish Bonham
  Email   tijabo@aol.com
  Date   11-08-2013
  Comment   always check your websight for your beautiful puppies. have you retired now?

  Name   Rochelle Grosss
  Email   Rroc3@aol.com
  Date   05-21-2013
  Comment   I am looking forward to speaking with you regarding adaopting a puppy. We are interested in liters that you may have in early fall if possible. I will contact you very soon. Your dogs are beautiful.

  Name   Patrick Holland
  Email   p.j.holland@att.net
  Date   02-05-2013
  Comment   Wonderful looking labs.

  Name   Allen Smithler
  Email   asmithler@rocketmail.com
  Date   11-19-2012
  Comment   Hi Chris,

Here are some photos of Willie. Most are within the last week or two except the ones with snow which I think were two years ago. Willie was born in April of 99 from Savannah (Kerrybrooks March to the Sea)and Franklins Champagne. He has been all I could have had hoped for. Very trainable and always eager to please. A gentile dog that would never hurt a child or the family cat. A fire to retrieve that would be hard to match as well. Most of all a great companion that may never be fully replaced. Thanks for your careful and thoughtful breeding. He was no accident.

Allen Smithler

  Name   Johnny Leggins
  Email   pappaw1219@yahoo.com
  Date   08-27-2012
  Comment   I was browsing thru your pictures,your dogs are a thing of beauty.

  Name   Elizabeth Pannill
  Email   goatdoc.ep@gmail.com
  Date   06-10-2012
  Comment   Enjoyed your web site and looking at some wonderful dogs. Maybe a Kerrybrook Lab will find its way to Texas sometime soon.

  Name   Jody Baker
  Email   baker.jody@gmail.com
  Date   06-07-2012
  Comment   enjoyed your site, which I've visited many tomes in the past Nice dogs, hope to see more of them in the Houston, TX area.

  Name   Andy Larsen Jr.
  Email   andyl@cbsconstruction.com
  Date   12-08-2011
  Comment   Thanks again for the pup Chris. This is the third pup my family has gotten from Chris over the last 17 years. Each one of them is and has been a pleasure to share our lives with.

  Name   David Duncan
  Email   electra735@hotmail.com
  Date   12-06-2011
  Comment   I have three Ridgeview mates from Donna. We all went pheasant hunting this fall in South Dakota -where I grew up. Have you sold all of your current litter? David

  Name   Ken and Laura Bozeman
  Email   laura.bozeman@umb.edu
  Date   08-26-2011
  Comment   Well, we are waiting for our next pup and looking forward to a part of Kerrybrook!!

Ken and Laura

  Name   Theresa Temple
  Email   theresa.temple@pacificorp.co
  Date   06-17-2011
  Comment   I love your Labs! So nice to see someone working their beautiful dogs.
Thank you!

  Name   Jim and Barb Larner
  Email   jimandbarb@ymail.com
  Date   06-07-2011
  Comment   Great site. Please keep the puppy pictures coming.

  Name   Bonnie Ross
  Email   blross56@yahoo.com
  Date   02-28-2011
  Comment   Our "Kerrybrook's Bailey's Irish Cream"(Bailey)passed away at the ripe old age of 16 years and 6 days on Jan. 4, 2011. He was born on Dec. 29,1994. His mother was Lucky and he was sired by TKO of Whistlinwings. What a handsome,(many times we heard "that's a show dog"!)intelligent, loving and fabulously tempered dog he was! He never showed his teeth. Bailey enjoyed ROBUST health throughout his life until the last several months. He never developed any of the genetic diseases typical to his breed. Our vet said he had good genes.
There's a hole in our hearts that will never be filled.
Thank you, Chris, for a long run with an exceptionally well-bred dog.

  Name   Ian Robinson
  Email   ianrobinson@shaw.ca
  Date   01-19-2011
  Comment   Hey Chris,

Hope you all are well this winter.

how is little canada doing?

cheers, Ian

  Name   Torchy Hunter
  Email   torchy.hunter@gmail.com
  Date   11-10-2010
  Comment   Hi, long-time friend and owner of Juxi's acting today as if I have nothing in the world to do. Great site, thanks.

  Name   John Jameson
  Email   jhjiii@ameritech.net
  Date   04-24-2010
  Comment   In June of 1994 I picked up a wonderful little yellow Labrador pup from you. Ultimately her AKC registered name was Kerrybrook's Elevation. That was because of how high she jumped in her kennel when I came home from work every night. Her call name was Josie. Today she moved on to join her predecessors one day short of her 16th birthday. She was the most wonderful dog. She had more fight and spirit than any dog I have ever known, all without showing any kind of animosity to anyone. She was so bright. She was so sensitive. She was so loving. I will miss her so much.

You seek to improve the breed. You certainly succeeded with Josie. I wanted to breed her once, but unfortunately she developed a series of vaginal invections after her first heat, and the vet convinced me that she should be neutered. I am sure that she would have been a great mother. She successfully tended to a whole army of stuffed animals almost all of her life.

I thank you for all the wonderful experiences I had with this marvelous dog. Marly she wasn't. I am not in a situation where I can effectively deal with a new pup right now, but when I can in a couple of years, I will be in touch.

If you would like any pictures of Josie in her prime and later years, let me know.

Thanks again.

Yours truly,

John Jameson

  Name   Allen Smithler
  Email   alndiane@netzero.net
  Date   04-03-2010
  Comment   Hi Chris,

I aquired "Willie" from you about ten years ago and he's doing well. He's from Savannah and Franklin's Champaign. Just thought I'd say hi.
Take Care
Allen Smithler

  Name   Kathy Guggisberg
  Email   Dryfus55@roadrunner.com
  Date   03-28-2010
  Comment   After 14 beautiful fun filled years I lost my devoted yellow labrador Dryfus to bone cancer. I checked out your site after talking to my friend that purchased a puppy from you. Her dog Butter is beautiful and she shared her experiences with you. She was very impressed with your kennels and thought I would enjoy your site...she was right I did.

  Name   Trent Bradnan
  Email   bigtbrad@gmail.com
  Date   03-11-2010
  Comment   Hi we have one of Petes daughters. Her name is kiku and she will be turning 8 at the end of the month. Thank you for a wonderful dog

  Name   Janet Lapointe
  Email   rjlapointe11@comcast.net
  Date   03-01-2010
  Comment   I just wanted to report on the great success that Pete's granddaughter Daybreak Macy on Parade (5 year's old) is having. She has earned the following CDX RN MX MXJ OF. Macy is getting close to earning her MACH in agility and also working on Utility in obedience. The prodigies and there successes are numerous.

Thanks, Pete.

  Name   Christine J Wisniewski Ligas
  Email   cjwl58@aol.com
  Date   02-19-2010
  Comment   Chris, I have enjoyed visiting your website. I truly wish I could have kept Ambush. I missed her. Chris

  Name   BILL LaParl
  Email   grumpypapatoo@comcast.net
  Date   01-30-2010
  Comment   I visit your web site often because I am amazed at "Pete". We have a dog that his pedigree shows Pete as being his Great Great Grandpa. Our dog "Buster Brown" looks a lot like Pete. Although Buster does not compete, he is a great companion, and a very friendly, funny dog.

  Name   Marilyn Zurek
  Email   mmzurek@sbcglobal.net
  Date   12-27-2009
  Comment   Can't wait to meet our newest family member in a couple weeks from Nathan x Phlox!
Mike, Marilyn, Stacie, Katie, Zach & Crystal Zurek

  Name   Deb Watts
  Email   deborahtwatts@verizon.net
  Date   12-17-2009
  Comment   Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. KerryBrooke's Brookin' is cookin' in Ma. is such a joy. Can't believe she's already three. When I asked for a lab to do agility with , I gotthe best ever. She's also coming along in field work too. Thanks for such a wonderful healthy bundle of energy and joy. Happy Holidays

  Name   Jeff Milton
  Email   jjmspartan@gmail.com
  Date   12-03-2009
  Comment   With the passing of our 9.5 year old Franklin's Savannah Smiles (Savannah) before Thanksgiving due to cancer, our household has been missing a member. Our other lab, Franklin's Indiana Jones (Henry) is lonely, as are the hearts of my wife, children and myself.

When we stumbled on your website and read your kind words about the Ziessow's, we knew that this was where the next member of our family should come from. Looking at pedigree's, we think Savannah's dam might have been one of Pete's littermates - Franklin's Champaign Gold. Let's just say there is a striking resemblance between several of your dogs and ours. And when we learned that the Nathan x Phlox litter was born the same day our Savannah passed, the Karma is just too much to ignore. We are looking forward to adding a new member to our family and we want to thank you for your kind words about our loss.

  Name   Jim Baskey
  Email   jbaskey@windstream.net
  Date   11-17-2009
  Comment   Chris, it was good to see you again. Cooper is still the best dog I've ever owned. It's been too long since we've talked Labs. Hope to see you again soon.


  Name   Jeff Martin
  Date   11-13-2009
  Comment   saying hi

  Name   Tom Lloyd
  Email   tlloydmi@gmail.com
  Date   10-12-2009
  Comment   Over the past 27 years we have enjoyed 2 yellow labs from Franklin Kennels. Our most recent Comet Bennett passed on yesterday looking out the window into the 1/2 acre yard he know so well! He was born 10/4/96 from Franklins Champagne & Franklins Kerry Brook Elf. Both our dogs lived a long and active life with both elderly parents and teenage girls. Love the temprement and would like to know more about your 2 fall 09 litters. My cell is (248)877-3303.
I can provide refernces should they be needed.
Tom Lloyd

  Name   Tony Calligaris
  Email   tonycalligaris@yahoo.com
  Date   09-21-2009
  Comment   Great History
This great breed needs to be saved and it looks like you are trying to do you're part. I will give you a call.

  Name   Reed Shumway
  Email   reed4rmk@msn.com
  Date   09-15-2009
  Comment   Was checking out your kennel on the recommendation of Helana Schull. She and her husband have two of your Labs and she is very happy with them. My lab passed away last fall and I'm looking for a new one at some point. Mine was a dual purpose black female. I'm thinking of going with a yellow male this time. I especially like the ones with a reddish tint to their coat.

  Name   Sheri
  Email   sbroberts06@comcast.net
  Date   05-29-2009
  Comment   I just returned home after seeing the puppies you were delivering for Puppies Behind Bars -- one was cuter than the next! You also provided "Chance" who is one of my favorites -- I am one of his PBB sponsors! I'm so looking forward to seeing the puppies progress! Thanks for providing such amazing puppies to the program!

  Name   Gary Scannevin
  Email   gman0046@aol.com.....
  Date   03-31-2009
  Comment   Our 7 month old yellow female Maggie is a great granddaughter of Pete on her sires side. The dam Pete was bred with is Stonelanehunter Kennels Weed Hopper. She is a great little puppy that I hope is carrying some of Pete's wonderful genes.

  Name   Buster Brown III
  Email   grumpypapatoo@comcast.net
  Date   03-28-2009
  Comment   I am a yellow lab born 08/16/2008. My pedigree shows my great,great grandpa was a champion master hunter from kerrybrook. his name was franklins pickpocket,sn31395101.Is it possible to get some info on him?

  Name   Suzanne Gillespie
  Email   suzanne.gillespie@philips.com
  Date   03-14-2009
  Comment   Chris & Donna, Thanks so much for producing such wonder well adjusted dogs.

My Fergie Jane (Andy & Jane pup) has been an absolute joy, certainly never a dull moment when she is around. She is not just pretty face (she looks just like Andy!!) she is also one smart cookie, a quick learner and a constant source of energy. I cant believe that she will be a year old in a few weeks, the time has really flown. I hope to have many happy and healthy years learning and loving my Fergie.

Thanks so much.

  Name   Sherry Carpenter
  Email   SCARPE6@roadrunner.com
  Date   03-10-2009
  Comment   Hi -
per our conversation of the AM - very impressive. I'll talk it over with m husband, and hopefully be in touch.

  Name   Virginia
  Email   ginnabean13@gmail.com
  Date   01-17-2009
  Comment   i love yellow labs. my dog,bowie is related to Kerrybrook franklin's bolero and Franklin's pickpocket for kerrybrook.

  Name   Tim & Carol Smith
  Date   11-19-2008
  Comment   Hi Chris,
It is with great sadness to tell you that Kerrybrooks High Brass Zinc passed away October 27 at 11 1/2 years old.
It was sudden and unexpected. He had been so robust and seemed like a puppy these past several weeks of duck season. He was excited every morning and was ready to go. I guess if he had to go it was quick after a great day in the marsh at WPSC.
Several members from Winous Point have sent their condolences because they also knew Zinc and witnessed his abilities. Zinc was a terrific retriever and gentlemen in the marsh and with all of the hunters and punters at Winous Point. We think one of the highest compliments was when other punters requested Zincs services when they didnt have a dog available.

He accumulated over 300 recorded hunts and over 1600 birds at Winous Point alone.

I know Zinc was one of Petes first offspring and have enjoyed your website and reading of all their accomplishments. Although he never won any ribbons, Zinc won high praise from every hunter he met. He was a champion retriever!

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog. We miss him terribly.

Tim & Carol Smith

  Name   Trina Garner
  Email   tlg0607@aol.com
  Date   08-07-2008
  Comment   I own one of Pete's daughters. She is the smartest dog I have ever trained.

  Name   Ron Cori
  Email   coriron@juno.com
  Date   08-06-2008
  Comment   I'm in the process of purchasing a disatant Pete relative from Dove Hills, Va.

  Name   Jacqui Hartranft
  Email   japhart@ptd.net
  Date   08-03-2008
  Comment   I loved looking at your website. I have a large black boy from Tenn who was a rescue (Labs4Rescue based in CT). He definitely is a field type lab and we just adopted an Eng choc bitch from a GOOD breeder of Eng type labs with a good pedigree. She was used to produce two litters before having to have a ceasarian which ended her "puppy" career. The difference between the two "labs" is amazing. I do prefer the longer legged field labs. My bitch is so short legged and mellow, I cannot imagine her jumping into icy waters to retreive a duck. She does go into our pond and paddle around but I cannot say she swims. My big black Emmett without the pedigree does swim around and we are working on obedience titles and he seems to love it. I do not understand why the conformation breeders are breeding such short legged labs who will soon look like Labrador/Bassets. They look out of proportion to the rest of them. Your dogs are beautiful and it is tempting not to look into buying one!!

  Name   Kyle Crump
  Email   kcrump@bgsu.edu
  Date   07-24-2008
  Comment   I'm pleased with your site and your dogs. I hope to do business with you in the future.

  Name   Ian robinson
  Email   ianrobinson@shaw.ca
  Date   06-21-2008
  Comment   Hi Chris,

Always nice to see where our Doindogs Gem HR came from. Glad we are a part of the Kerrybrook extended family. Gem has given us a wonderful litter,2 of which we have kept. I will keep you posted on their progress.

  Name   Karen Sibley
  Email   ksibley8@buckeye-express.com
  Date   03-27-2008
  Comment   Hi Chris,
I just had to send a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying the puppy that I got from you last year. In case you don't remember, he is a Kolbe X Betsy pup. He just had his first birthday and is a very handsome guy. I get comments about his looks everytime that we go out in public.

You told me that he would be a smart pup and you weren't kidding! Sometimes he is too smart for his own good.

I will be sure to send a picture when the weather gets better and I can get some new shots.

Talk to you soon.

  Name   Jeff
  Email   dalejr@nb.sympatico.ca
  Date   03-01-2008
  Comment   I have visited this site many times but not in the last couple of years. I was saddened to learn of Pete's death. As you have said " Once in a lifetime dog". I am an owner of one Pete's grandchildren from Doindogs Ada of Kerrybrook. I am proud to say that I own a lab with this kind of family history. Jeff - Hampton N.B. Canada

  Name   kevin Prestridge
  Email   tug@airmail.net
  Date   10-31-2007
  Comment   I was looking around the net trying to find
Dukes family. He got lymphoma and to put him down
a week ago. He was 8 years old his sir was Danikk Due Bogart SH. He was by far the sweetest loving Lab. You have done a great job.
Thank You

  Name   Rich Nabet
  Email   rnabet@nexusresingroup.com
  Date   09-06-2007
  Comment   Chris,

I'm so sorry to hear about Pete. Pete is the father of Finnigan our 3 1/2 year old yellow. he is from Trudy D(Gun Creek)/Pete. It was Trudy's second to last litter since she passed. I never had a chance to meet Pete but if was anything like Finn I couldn't imagine how much he is missed.

I wish you the all the best and hope to hear from you soon.


  Name   David and Denise Barnes
  Email   puppylovelabs@hotmail.com
  Date   08-26-2007
  Comment   I was sorry to read about Pete's passing. We have a Pete son we purchased when he was two years old. He is now 7. He has produced many beuatiful pups for us over the years. We have kept a few in the past 2-3 years. One is competeing in MH test as she has received her SH title. The other just received her JH title and wil be moving on to her SH tests. Both have tremendous drive. If you'd like to see a few pictures of RJ, the Pete son, he is on our web site, www.labpuppies.com, along with RJ's daughters Lilly and Glory.
Dave and Denise Barnes

  Name   Malou Walther
  Email   malouw@voicenet.com
  Date   08-15-2007
  Comment   I send you my heartfelt sympathy on the passing of dear Pete, sire of my Bannerman, a joyful and smart 5-yr old Pete son.

It's so sad when the special ones must leave us, but sadly all my labs - in 25 years - have been special ones, and I miss each of them.

I hope your wonderful memories of Pete sustain you and bring you much joy.

Malou Walther

  Name   Peggy Masanotti
  Email   treasurehunt@rogers.com
  Date   08-14-2007
  Comment   I decided to pop in and surf your site today, as I periodically do, and was deeply saddened to hear of Pete's passing. I know what a great dog he was and thought many times of asking for stud service for one of my girls, but the time was never right. I have a friend here in Ontario who has a Pete son and he's truly amazing. I trust you have a lifetime of wonderful memories to comfort you, and I wanted to add my condolences, as I believe knowing that even strangers to you cared will be helpful to you. Your family is in my thoughts. God Bless.
Peggy Masanotti
Treasurehunt Labradors Reg'd

  Name   Deb Watts
  Email   deborahtwatts @verizon.net
  Date   08-04-2007
  Comment   Dear Chris and family,
So very sorry to hear about Pete. We still have a picture of him hanging in our kitchen from Jan Johnson when we first got a Pete pup 7 years ago.(Jmark Sweet Maggie Magnolia OAandOAJ.) Petey has produced some wonderful pups in his life time and we are proud to have two Kerrybrook pups. The tribute was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes but a smile to my face. We also have issues with "bunnies". Our thoughts are with you. Ed, Deb, Maggie, and Kerrybrook's----- Brookin' is cookin' in Massachusetts

  Name   Deb Watts
  Email   deborahtwatts@verizon.net
  Date   08-02-2007
  Comment   Hi Chris, I never thought one of my best summers would be field training in tick infested fields. Brooke's having the time of her life retrieving and I'm not doing so bad myself. Thanks for that special pup. We're ready to begin our first hunt test in Sept. She had a great 1st birthday July 6. Labs are great she has more dog friends than I do people friends. She brings out the best in everybody. Deb and Brooke

  Name   ALA OWERR
  Email   owerri@msn.com
  Date   07-26-2007

  Name   Jennie Jordan
  Email   jen48dal@hotmail.com
  Date   12-21-2006
  Comment   I will be contacting you shortly regarding a puppy.

  Name   Sharon winkler
  Email   Gwink3@aol.com
  Date   08-07-2006
  Comment   Hey all Kerrybrook lovers,
We have a BEAUTIFUL black male lab from Pete and Spook.Java will be three years old in Nov. 2006. I would love to hear from anyone else who has a puppy from this combo.
Java is a wonderful dog with a perfect disposition.
We live in Michigan with 4 children, Java and a Doxie.
Java could'nt be loved more.
Please e-mail us at the above address,
looking forward to hearing from you.

  Name   gayle bleckert
  Email   gbleckert@cibar.com
  Date   05-04-2006
  Comment   Hi, Thanks for all the great information and pictures. We recently lost 2 of our 3 labs to illnesses. Labs are the only breed I will ever own. They are the best in my opinion.

  Name   James (Joe) Izzo
  Email   jizzo@ma.rr.com
  Date   04-09-2006
  Comment   Just one week away from bring our new puppy home. I have really appreciated the time you have spent with me in educating myself about the breed. I found the literature you sent me very informative and look forward to following it to achive great results with our new companion. Thanks again!!!!

  Name   Gaylene Cranford
  Email   RockinC4@sbcglobal.net
  Date   03-06-2006
  Comment   I really like some of the dogs that I have seen at the hunt tests here in California. I want my next dog to look good and perform like these dogs. I wish I could remember the names, but one of the owners was Jennifer Evans from Southern CA

  Name   Jim Skelton
  Email   tanglewoodlabs@msn.com
  Date   01-16-2006
  Comment   Hi:
My wife Carol and I have enjoyed your well put togeather web site.
My wife bought a Abe sired dog from you that was born on the forth of July and the dam was Franklins Northern Flight MH.
Shortly after getting him (which as part of the agreement with you, had to have "Kerrybrook" in his AKC registered name. After thinking about it for quite a while, and considering Kerrybrooks Born On The Forth Of July, we settled on KERRYBROOKS-SON-OF-A-FITCH, as he was an Abe son.) I was involved in a serious accident which led to 2 total knees, a total hip, and rods in both bones in my right leg, and so Woody (his call name, which we chose to use, as that is what you had been calling him) suffered from lack of training. He is a beautifull dog, and turned 12 years old on the 4th of July, 2005. He is in great health, can jump straight up in the air. His sperm count was great, and so we had our vet gather seman, and surgicaly implanted our FC/AFC Chena River Chavez bitch, and she had a litter of 9 pups. We retained one yellow female, so we could carry on the Abe line, as Woody is certainaly getting up there. We have named Woody daughter TANGLEWOODS KATYDID and she is awsome. We were hopping that she would be blocky enough to show, but not quite. She has a lot of her moms drive, loves to retrieve, and is progressing through basic obediance very well.
We have heard from many of Woodys puppy owners over the years, and those who have hunted whith his pups are very pleased with the results of his breeding to several FC/AFC daughters that we have had in the past.
Thank you for Woody
Jim and Carol Ann Skelton

  Name   Eric Kessler
  Email   ekessler@satx.rr.com
  Date   11-13-2005
  Comment   Just picked up one of Pete's grand daughters today. Kessler's Little Lady KT Katy. Looking forward to giving her a great life. In June 2005, I had to put down my chocolate male (Deuce). After 5 months I still am not over it. Labs are truly amazing!

Eric Kessler
San Antonio, TX

  Name   John Conrad
  Email   amydconrad@sbcglobal.net
  Date   11-11-2005
  Comment   Love the web site. We got our puppy from Donna. Score and Reign. We love to see all your beautiful puppies.

  Name   Janet Lapointe
  Email   rjlapointe11@comcast.net
  Date   10-20-2005
  Comment   I have one of Pete's grand-daughters. Macy On Parade is 8 months old and she is the daughter of Cougar Mountain Doin' Justice and Bayview Amarillo at Daybreak (Daybreak Kennels). She's wonderful - very focused. Our plans are for agility and obedience. With all the hunters in her background, I wish I could also incorporate that into our training.

  Name   Kara Raehsler
  Email   kraehsler@clarion.edu
  Date   10-07-2005
  Comment   We live in Pennsylvania and have a Pete son named Scout. He is a wonderful dog and true faithful companion in our family. We adore him.

Yesterday, we had to put our 10 year old yellow lab, Packer, down. It is literally heartbreaking and of course I am already in the market for another set of hazel eyes and sweet temperment that come automatically with Labradors.

Our Scout is missing his friend and his "pack". Hopefully we can obtain another of your excellent dogs. I will be contacting you via telephone sometime in the near future to check on litter availability. Thanks

Kara Raehsler (814)2272827

  Name   Vickie Gilmore
  Email   vlglablover@aol.com
  Date   10-01-2005
  Comment   I have one of Pete's granddaughters. She is a fantastic dog and just whelped her first litter.
Just thought I'd check out your site.

  Name   john furness
  Email   jfur650856@aol.com
  Date   09-23-2005
  Comment   Great web site!

  Name   edna schenck
  Email   pdschenck@msn.com
  Date   08-26-2005
  Comment   Haven't checked out the site lately. It looks great! Fun to see the other Pete kids. Bonnie is PG with alitter from CH Waterbound lockeon Laddy due Sept 15.

  Name   Linda Witkowski
  Email   lwitkowski2@earthlink.net
  Date   07-29-2005
  Comment   Pete's son, Lakebound Strykes Gold, earned his UD in June 2005. He went from CD to UD in 9 months with placements every time he showed.
Linda Witkowski

  Name   Lorie Bowers
  Email   keith_bowers@urmc.rochester.edu
  Date   07-27-2005
  Comment   Chris,
Excellent Website!
Please send the pedigrees of your upcoming litters to keith_bowers@urmc.rochester.edu. An interesting statistic would be to take the offspring with accomplishments and determine the split of males and females from each stud and each dam. Between Abe and Pete, who produced the greatest percentage of outstanding females?
Of the dams with upcoming litters, who has produced the greatest percentage of outstanding females?
Keep up the good work!
Lorie Bowers

  Name   Paul Zurowski
  Email   Paulz2312@aol.com
  Date   06-19-2005
  Comment   Thanks for posting info on Labs.

  Name   Suzanne Emerson
  Email   suzanneemerson@aol.com
  Date   06-17-2005
  Comment   I love your updated website!!

  Name   Joe Popernack
  Email   jpopernack(at)powteam.every.net
  Date   05-28-2005
  Comment   Hi everyone. "Beretta" my female black lab just turned two. She's easy to train, got a great temperment, and beautiful too. She is from an "Abercrombie & Fitch" litter in May of 2003. I highly recommend Kerrybrook.

  Name   Chris Geminski
  Date   05-19-2005

  Name   Scott Schrage
  Email   angienj14@aol.com
  Date   05-01-2005
  Comment   Just want to take the time to thank you and Donna for the wonderful pup CyHawk Niko's Tribute to Champ. He is out of the Keyman x Libby so Pete is his Grandpa. He has brought joy back to our home after losing our boy Champ in February. He is one of the most intelligent pups I have ever scene. If all goes well and I am sure it will he will starting AKC and NAHRA Hunt Tests next spring. We will keep you updated with pics and progress. Thanks Again to you and Donna...keep up the great work.

Scott and Angie Schrage

  Name   katie
  Email   krheller@comcast.net
  Date   04-08-2005
  Comment   hi peoples.
great site

  Name   katie
  Email   krheller@comcast.net
  Date   04-08-2005
  Comment   You have the cutest lab pictures ever that i want to pet every single one of them, and own every one! I congratulate you on the best dog site ever!

  Name   Kim Lindsey
  Email   jkmg.lindsey@sbcglobal.net
  Date   03-24-2005
  Comment   Beautiful Labs!

  Name   Celia Worrell
  Email   worrellcworrell@aol.com
  Date   03-01-2005
  Comment   I enjoyed reading about Kerrybrook's history. I think a lot of field dogs still look like greyhounds. When my darling Gabby would come up to the line I would hear bored comments about the little show dog, then she would just nail it.

  Date   01-31-2005

  Name   Jackie Pompeani
  Email   jpomps3@cox.net
  Date   01-26-2005
  Comment   I love this breed and would really like my family to experience how wonderful the lab is. For me, finding a reputable breeder is such an important part of the process. Your website is very informative and the dogs look great.

  Name   Nigel Connor
  Email   liznidge@hotmail.com
  Date   12-18-2004
  Comment   hi to all, good site

  Name   Scott Mancini
  Email   mancinis@7611111.com
  Date   12-03-2004
  Comment   Great looking dogs!!!!!!!!

  Name   Ruby Shutler
  Email   tanbird93@yahoo.com
  Date   11-20-2004
  Comment   GREAT LABRADOR SITE!!!!!

  Name   Jaan M. Oakwood
  Email   jacanamoakwood@hotmail.com
  Date   10-24-2004
  Comment   Your dogs are great!!


Jaan( From Brazil)

  Date   10-02-2004

  Name   Colt Landreth
  Email   coltlandreth@plazapropertyadvisors.com
  Date   10-01-2004
  Comment   Dear Chris,
Congratulations to you and Donna.

Tosca earned her Senior Hunt Title in early August. I still want to breed her in the Spring 2005. Let me know your thoughts on this.


  Name   Mike Bons
  Email   mbons@aol.com
  Date   09-22-2004
  Comment   I will be looking for another puppy in about 1 year and I plan on watching your website for upcoming litters. I wish I was getting one now, I would love the Patton litter. I will phone you when the time comes. Website and dogs look great!!

  Name   Sydne
  Date   09-21-2004
  Comment   today we are getting our puppy from you we are naming it ace it is one of petes pups wow does pete have alot of pups well cant wait unyi we get our puppy

  Name   Sydne
  Email   sfj1@kiddomail.com
  Date   09-19-2004
  Comment   i am getting a puppy from u guys this week it is flying on a airp;ane to us here in iowa it is one of petes kids

  Name   Linda Spence
  Email   lindas@msu.edu
  Date   09-18-2004
  Comment   I met you and Pete at the National in Chagrin Falls and following Nationals. My foundation dogs are from Betty Dunlap and Windsong's Bell Bouy. I am trying to maintain that line. So I check your web site to follow Pete, his get and upcoming litters for the future. I will call to talk with you when it gets closer to the time I am actually looking.

  Name   Brenin Young
  Email   bandbyoung@yahoo.com
  Date   09-17-2004
  Comment   Chris, what a great website! I have been studying and researching the breed for close to a year now. Although new to the "dog loving world", your program is the best I have seen. I currently live in Atlanta, but when my family and I move back home to Ohio, I would absolutely love to visit your establishment. Thanks for all you are doing for the betterment of the breed!
-Brenin Young

  Name   Dawn and Bob Cpra
  Email   dmy0305@yahoo.com
  Date   08-29-2004
  Comment   Your site looks wonderful. We live in Eastlake and have a black lab Lilo and yellow lab Bella. Looking to add to our family someday.

  Name   Matt Skindzier
  Email   mattskin@umich.edu
  Date   07-18-2004
  Comment   You have beautiful dogs. I look forward to speaking with someone soon about availability of your puppies!

  Name   Tim Slager
  Email   meltslager@adelphia.net
  Date   06-30-2004
  Comment   Just checking in. We purchased a puppy from you a year or so ago, and she is wonderful.

  Name   robert & linda krencik
  Email   ratl33@ameritech.net
  Date   06-18-2004
  Comment   love your website.

  Name   Spalding Family
  Email   sspldg215@aol.com
  Date   05-18-2004
  Comment   It was a pleasure to view your web page. We lost our lab on April 29th. His name was Doc River I have to say that he was one of the most spoiled dogs in this world. Our family misses him so much, we have been so devasted since we lost him. When I saw your web page I cried and laughed. Thank you so much. SS

  Name   nancy
  Email   nduff@aol.com
  Date   04-13-2004
  Comment   I am a mother of 4 children ranging in age form 10 to 3. We would like to get a dog but I have never had a dog before and don't know that 1st thinkg about training them. My sisters have a lab and 2 labs, respectivley, and we all love them and their temperment.
Do you know of a lab rescue in the norhteast Ohio area? I live in Lake county and would love to rescue a lab if possible. I would not be interested in "showing" or "competing" the dog just loving, playing and welcoming it into our home.
Please respond.
thanks, Nancy

  Name   Joyce Biagini
  Email   jrb@mpsd.org
  Date   03-18-2004
  Comment   Just dropped by your site. Our dog Bodhi is Pete's son. Although he is a high energy dog, his temperment is unbelievable and we love him so much.

  Name   Pam Johnson
  Email   pamnate@aol.com
  Date   03-16-2004
  Comment   spoke with Donna Reece this evening and she said I should look at your site if considering a puppy.

  Name   Bonnie Hansen
  Email   japatullabs@hotmail.com
  Date   02-27-2004
  Comment   Hi Chris, Just checking in on your site to see what is new. We greatly love Gunnar, our Pete pup. Just over a year now and a real pleasure to have. He has so much personality. He is a very willing dog to work with and is beautiful to top it off. Thanks for breeding such great dogs.

  Name   Allen Smithler
  Email   bigal0165@aol.com
  Date   02-10-2004
  Comment   Chris, Hope all is well. Thanks for the best dog anyone could ever wish for. "Willie" is doing fine and a rock in my life. Thanks for your dedication to the breed. We all benifit from your efforts. Take care. Allen Smithler

  Name   Ann Riker
  Email   baywindspc@yahoo.com
  Date   02-01-2004
  Comment   Hi! I loved your site. The history of Kerrybrook was especially interesting. Our family is 'labrador shopping' and I found your kennel. Please tell me what you require for prospective owners of your puppies. We are not a hunting home, but want a family member that can go out to the horse farm as well.

  Name   Sandra Mller-Sax
  Email   temagamihills@aol.com
  Date   01-26-2004
  Comment   Hello,

Youve a very nice and interesting homepage with cute pictures of your puppies.

All the best for your future breeding plans.

Greetings from Germany,
Sandra and the Temagami Hills Crew

  Name   Angie Becker
  Email   tiogaretrievers@sbcglobal.net
  Date   01-18-2004
  Comment   We love your site!!!!!

  Name   Teresa Martin
  Email   teresastris@gnrac.net
  Date   12-28-2003
  Comment   Love your web sight we have a granddaghter of Pete's and we think she is the best dog we have ever owned she is 10months old at this time and is doing great in her training we hope to get her JH title in the spring and she is truly in the field hunting and retreiving pheasant and she is also a great house dog anyway just thought I would let you know how great we think she is.

  Name   barbara guyot
  Email   barbguyot@aol.com
  Date   12-07-2003
  Comment   what a great web page. my friend ann tormey told me to take a look at it. our family is currently looking for the right dog to join our family. thank you for sharing. the guyot's

  Name   Bo and Marnie Randall
  Email   BoRandall@bomar .com
  Date   02-Aug-03
  Comment   Your dogs are beautiful! We are searching for a yellow lab and yours are magnificent. We will be calling, soon!

  Name   Colt Landreth
  Email   coltlandreth@plazapropertyadvisors.com
  Date   02-Aug-03
  Comment   Dear Chris:
Tosca has two senior ribbons and will be running twice in August.

Best wishes,

  Name   Dagur Jonsson
  Email   dagur@hafnarfjordur.is
  Date   10-Jul-03
  Comment   Good pages. Promising puppies. Keep up the goodwork.
Dagur Jonsson, Skaftar Labradors. Iceland.

  Name   Jean and Greg Kanzinger
  Date   22-Jun-03
  Comment   We couldn't be happier with the lab we adopted from Chris. "Homer" (from the 2000 litter of Kerrybrook's Knight Hawk and Talley Creek's Ringside Gossip) is a loving member of our family. Chris did a wonderful job choosing the puppy (2 1/2 years ago) that

  Name   Steve & Sherry Sommers
  Email   somrsgang@aol.com
  Date   31-May-03
  Comment   We are looking to purchase a pet(possible
breeder) for our home. We are looking for a
very nice square head,big bone,friendly
female. Prefure yellow or poss. choc.

  Name   Russ Lain
  Email   rlain@mindspring.com
  Date   30-May-03
  Comment   I'm researching stud dogs for my yellow that is from an all field dog line. What kind of success have you had with Pete in outcross breedings? What a beauty he is!!

  Name   Marcus Hiles
  Email   marcush@wrpsnch.com
  Date   23-May-03
  Comment   We are looking for a black female lab puppy. Your web site strongly appealed to us. I'll be calling you to obtain more information.

Kindest regards,
Marcus Hiles

  Date   23-May-03

  Name   Phil Matz
  Email   philipmatz@earthlink.net
  Date   22-May-03
  Comment   I lost my best friend, Beau this month who was from the litter of FC AFC Island Lakes Beau Jet and Kerrybrook`s Sable Mink. He will be missed! I look forward to getting a new pup from you this fall.

Great website, by the way.

  Name   Colleen Copelan Thurston
  Email   cocopelan@aol.com
  Date   22-May-03
  Comment   Again....looking foward to hearing from you...Colleen

  Name   Patty Turner
  Email   pturner2@iupui.edu
  Date   07-May-03
  Comment   I may have missed it in your site, but do you have a contact site or number for the Ziessows? I would like to contact them as well. I love your site! It is very detailed in the necessary information. If we were looking to breed to your male, other than

  Name   Patty Turner
  Email   pturner2@iupui.edu
  Date   07-May-03
  Comment   We are visiting on the recommendation of Kathy Yoder, the breeder of our female yellow lab. We are looking for an outstanding stud, and excellent breeding for a male puppy.

  Name   Jeffrey A. Krempa, M.D.
  Email   jeffreykrempa@hotmail.com
  Date   03-May-03
  Comment   The Krempa family is interested in visiting your kennel to find a combination family companion/hunting dog.

  Name   Clarissa W.
  Email   against-spam@protection.rcv
  Date   02-May-03
  Comment   I searched the web and found your site. Liked it very much.

  Name   Annie Cullen-Tormey
  Email   Freiheit6PTRZ@aol.com
  Date   17-Apr-03
  Comment   Hi Chris...........one of my AKC Pointers had 4 bitches 3 wks ago(3-28-03)Annie

  Name   Brian Gawne
  Email   bgawne@twmi.rr.com
  Date   03-Apr-03
  Comment   We just recieved our first lab for our family from the Ziessow's. He is an absolute treasure.

  Name   Matthew Lee
  Email   leedogg12@yahoo.com
  Date   31-Mar-03
  Comment   Thank you for helping to better the breed. I am a Lab lover and have a 18 month old female that is very dear to my heart and a great retriever. I am looking for a male (not for breeding purposes) to add to my family. I was very shocked to see a litter

  Name   Diane Wosek
  Email   cybear2@juno.com
  Date   30-Mar-03
  Comment   Am waiting for a pup from Donna R from Doc-Reign litter - missed having one of Pete's pups (not enough females). Looking at Pete's pups' pictures is just a pleasure and helps me wait for our pup! Your website has been very enlightening and informative -

  Name   John Evangelista
  Email   john.l.evangelista@aexp.com
  Date   22-Mar-03
  Comment   Incredible website. Great layout. While searching for a lab puppy I have visited many websites and not a one can touch yours. Looking forward to speaking with you more about what seems to be an incredible kennel.

  Name   Mike De Hamer
  Email   mike.dehamer@weirton.com
  Date   12-Mar-03
  Comment   Chris, A pleasure to talk with you today. I am very impressed with the pedigrees of your labradors. Will be talking to you soon.

  Name   Kathy Yoder and Leta Jasmantas
  Email   leta@eislogan.com
  Date   08-Mar-03
  Comment   Great site! Keep it coming. Love your pictures and pedigrees

  Name   Mary Sanders
  Email   mesands@clearsource.net
  Date   04-Mar-03
  Comment   I am the proud owner of five wonderful Labrador Retriever plus I am raising a guide dog puppy for Southeastern
Guide Dog School located in Palmetto, Florida. Coleman is a beautiful, intelligent dog destined for greatness. Enjoyed your website!!

  Name   Nancy Planasch
  Email   erinsedge@qcpro.com
  Date   16-Feb-03
  Comment   I am a long time admirer of Pete, and hope that my yellow female comes in heat soon to breed to him. She is a 3 year old nicely bred field dog, OFA hips and elbows, CERF, but hasn't been in heat since last summer. Thyroid normal. Her father was a Harley s

  Name   Debi B
  Email   debidjb@core.com
  Date   30-Jan-03
  Comment   Hi Chris,
This site was interesting,enjoyable and quite entertaining. The pups are adorable.
Great job.

  Name   travel hotels
  Email   susan@no-spam-please.com
  Date   28-Jan-03
  Comment   I really love your site!!


Susan M.

  Name   Suzy Par
  Email   paredog@ix.netcom.com
  Date   19-Dec-02
  Comment   Another Petey puppy brag! My Petey daughter Diva (by Enid Bloome's Molly) finished her TD (on the first try), NA, NAJ and OA this year. People at agility trials comment on how fast she is. In obedience class I get comments on how pretty she is and my f

  Name   Georgina Koslosky
  Email   georgie3939@attbi.com
  Date   15-Dec-02
  Comment   Very nice website. beautiful labs & wonderful program.

  Name   bob smith
  Email   rsmith_126ls@hotmail.com
  Date   04-Dec-02
  Comment   beautiful website. even more beautiful dogs!!

  Date   12-Nov-02

  Name   Melody R. Robinson
  Email   melodyreneerobinson@yahoo.com
  Date   05-Nov-02
  Comment   I am so glad to see that you agree that the Field Dog is what the Lab was originally intended to look like. I want to breed great looking, great performing labradors, with no genetic disorders. Thank you for forwarding people's understanding that you mu

  Name   Bonnie Hansen
  Email   lawhokintu@hotmail.com
  Date   01-Nov-02
  Comment   Just browsing through again. Looking forward to hearing from you about upcoming Pete litter with your Chocolate girl.

  Name   Anne F. Zalar
  Email   afzfamily@yahoo.com
  Date   30-Oct-02
  Comment   Great Website; very informative and nicely done!

  Name   John Seese
  Email   jrsjr@ptd.net
  Date   23-Oct-02
  Comment   I have one of Pete's puppies from Whisper
Hollow Farm's Cloe. Just thought you would
like to know he is a beautiful dog. I am
training him to hunt upland birds and water
fowl. He is five months old and is doing very
well. Pete is a good

  Name   Joe Sheridan
  Email   jsheridan@paarlo.com
  Date   20-Oct-02
  Comment   just visiting: My family and I are looking to get a Lab. Trying to decide if we want to adopt an older dog, or get a puppy from a good breeder.

  Name   Julie Stark
  Email   jstarkatadd@hotmail.com
  Date   09-Oct-02
  Comment   What beautiful labs! I have a female yellow lab ("Scarlet")who was sired by "Trouper". It's great to see the photos of Scarlet's "Grandpa Pete" and read about his accomplishments. No wonder Scarlet is such a great dog!

  Name   Maya Witherspoon
  Email   baltniop@aol.com
  Date   05-Oct-02
  Comment   Chris, the dog I bought from you doesn't point. Any idea when she will start? Other than that she's perfect!

  Name   stacey sims
  Email   ropersims@aol.com
  Date   04-Oct-02
  Comment   I have to say, I've seen alot of websites that deal with labrador retrievers, and you're site is by far, the nicest and most well put together that I've seen in awhile. And your dogs speak for themselves. They are just awesome.

  Name   Ann Smorado
  Email   Touchgreen2@cs.com
  Date   16-Sep-02
  Comment   A newbie exploring the idea of a labrador puppy. Have been reading everything I can get my hands on about the breed. I just love them! Want to learn as much as I can!

  Name   Gary Mausolf
  Email   mausolf@rap.midco.net
  Date   04-Sep-02
  Comment   Very nice web site. Have always been interested in a Pete pup and although the timing isn't right yet, I still like to look

  Name   Carol Ambrose
  Email   Carol149@aol.com
  Date   03-Sep-02
  Comment   Had a yellow lab years ago, Ben, and loved him. Beginning to think of another Lab.

Any litters ready to go in late Sept. or after? We are in Maryland, on a lovely farm.

  Name   Nancy Bondeson
  Email   nbondeson@aol.com
  Date   02-Sep-02
  Comment   My husband Mark and I, just acquired our second black lab from Chris, on August 26th. We named her Montana Rose. We just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for breeding such magnificant creatures. Our three year old lab, Cheyenne, gets along great with Montana. T

  Name   Ms Malou Walther
  Email   malouw@attglobal.net
  Date   19-Aug-02
  Comment   I am the proud owner of an 11 1/2 week old yellow male lab - son of Pete and Garry W. Moore's Libby, from Andover, NJ.

Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman, a.k.a Bannerman, is a delight: curious and gutsy -already initiating play fights with my 4-year ol

  Name   Molly Bogan
  Email   mollybogan@aol.com
  Date   14-Aug-02
  Comment   I'm finding out just how hard it is to breed really good labs. I admire you for your dedication to breeding what you believe is the true labrador retriever. You deserve all the success with your dogs.

  Name   Elaine Cury
  Email   elainecury@aol.com
  Date   07-Aug-02
  Comment   Hello! I am an American living in france and coming to live in PA in Oct! I am bringing with me 2 wonderful male labs one is by Charlie Chalk, French Champion and the other is by Receiver of Cranspire( French, English and American Champion) by Lucifer(

  Name   janice look
  Email   labluv@attbi.com
  Date   06-Aug-02
  Comment   the web site is under construction

  Name   Jennifer Evans
  Email   evansj@ulv.edu
  Date   07-Apr-02
  Comment   I have a 3 1/2 month old pup "Trooper" out of Pete and Macy. What can I say? He is beautiful, outgoing, lots of drive and has one heck of a nose. Only time will tell, but I think that this was a wonderful breeding! I will keep you posted as to how he do

  Name   Jim Driscoll
  Email   jfd44118@aol.com
  Date   07-Apr-02
  Comment   Chris:

Great web site. Very informative. I wish I had known about your kennel befor we purchased our lab.

Continued success.


  Name   Patti Nimbar
  Email   shkennel@mhtc.net
  Date   28-Mar-02
  Comment   I've always admired your Dogs! I can't wait to purchase one for showing too! Thanks Great Site! Patti

  Name   Ernie Sullivent
  Email   esullivent@earthlink.net
  Date   15-Mar-02
  Comment   Tremendous web site, Chris! Your accomplishments for our breed are so very impressive. I appreciate your interest in outcrossing my dog, FC-AFC Rebel With A Cause, to the lines you have so carefully and selectively crafted for two decades. It is indeed th

  Name   Bobbie Baetz-Greenwalt, MD, MBA
  Email   drbbg@aol.com
  Date   12-Mar-02
  Comment   Chris, this is a wonderful website! When is your book going to be available? I am looking forward to spending more time with you and visiting your new home--as well as finally getting into training! (I know, I know, I've been saying this for years, but no

  Name   Linda Witkowski
  Email   lwitkowski@viahealth.org
  Date   06-Mar-02
  Comment   My Petey puppy Lakebound Stykes Gold is awesume. He has drive (play drive, food drive, retrieving drive etc) like no other I have seen at this age and a focus to go along with it (9 weeks +3 days). We love him and his "attitude"
Linda Witkowski

  Name   JUDY POND
  Email   duckpond@att.net
  Date   04-Mar-02

  Name   Chris Testo
  Email   westonkennels@midtel.net
  Date   04-Mar-02
  Comment   Hi Chris,
I want to thank you again for the Pete/Gamble pup we got from you. A blonde with brains and good looks; she's a real pleasure. What a beautiful "Dual" pedigree-Show Champions,Master Hunters, Field Champions,Dual Champions and Triple Champio

  Name   Chuck Tiranno
  Email   ctkennel@wzrd.com
  Date   04-Mar-02
  Comment   Chris,
Nice...really nice!

  Name   Bonnie Platt
  Email   gardenched@aol.com
  Date   03-Mar-02
  Comment   Really nice web page. It is very well done! I also enjoyed reading your history. I will be back to finish.

  Name   Connie Hojbjerg
  Email   ch@ches.dk
  Date   02-Mar-02
  Comment   Hi Chris
I love your site. Dana has started up on training again and will be started in F.T.'s again in late spring and in the fall. Will keep you posted. Thanks for a great dog.
Greetings from Denmark

  Name   danny bazzell
  Email   dbazzell@wk.net
  Date   26-Feb-02
  Comment   nice site

  Name   Angie Brown
  Email   Whtlabs@aol.com
  Date   20-Feb-02
  Comment   It was great talking to you and I look forward to breeding to Pete this year. If you come across any started dogs out of pete please keep me in mind. Thanks. Angie

  Name   David Drucker
  Email   ddruckerlaw@mindspring.com
  Date   07-Feb-02
  Comment   Great site, Chris. You have been a great asset in maintaining the integrity of the greatest breed of dog on the planet. I enjoyed reading about your efforts and as a labrador owner am filled with gratitude.

Keep up the good work. I'll see you ar

  Name   Dana Nichols
  Email   workinglabs@attbi.com
  Date   07-Feb-02
  Comment   Chris,

Your site is wonderful! I have two Abe grandchildren by Gloria Mundell's Calypso KC Masterpiece, MNH (HOF), CD, AX, AXJ and had never seen a picture of Abe. It was great to be able to see him and all of the other dogs on your page. Wonde

  Name   James Ryan
  Email   james.ryan@cnh.com
  Date   07-Feb-02
  Comment   I am considering a pup from PETE'S litter
with Sommit Breckenridge Bess. The pups
are wonderful and I'm sure after seeing
PETE'S site that they will be good hunters
and companions.

  Name   Michael Cuffe
  Email   mfc4shortco@yahoo.com
  Date   25-Jan-02
  Comment   When might you be having another litter? Am looking for a black lab pup.

  Name   river road labradors buster holly annie harley fre
  Email   calesl9@aol.com
  Date   25-Jan-02
  Comment   very nice looking for a female i do not care about color.

  Name   Julie Cramond
  Email   juliecramond@bigpond.com.au
  Date   23-Jan-02
  Comment   Great site. Thanks for the chance to visit. Pete is a great looking dog.


My husband and I are looking to import dog to Australia in the near future, we are keen retrieving owners and

  Name   Scott Chase
  Email   sncchase@hotmail.com
  Date   22-Jan-02
  Comment   We want a female yellow pup for a companion. Looking forward to seeing what you may have.

  Name   Lorraine Udanis
  Email   Dudanis2@cs.com
  Date   21-Jan-02
  Comment   We are from the Plum Boro area of PA, which is near Pittsburgh. In July Pete was father to a puppy that we picked to join our family. She is now 6+ months old and beautiful. We just finished our first puppy class and she did very well. Her name is Wri

  Name   Bill Bhame
  Email   bhame@aol.com
  Date   20-Jan-02
  Comment   Just getting startedhere in Florida. We are starting with a Cornerstone Lab with Campbellcroft pedigree. If it is as fun and rewarding as we hope we will be looking for a bitch within 2 years.

  Name   Derek Robbins
  Email   rounddawg@hotmail.com
  Date   19-Jan-02
  Comment   I browsing for my next future family member and hunting companion, you have a very informative site, I like what you have done.

  Name   Lee
  Email   mvadmin@en.com
  Date   16-Jan-02
  Comment   Chris,

I had one heck of a time getting into your side clicks. Either they run terribly slow or my server is slow.


  Name   janice look
  Email   lablub@mediaone.net
  Date   16-Jan-02
  Comment   i have a son of pete people say he looks like his dad i think he is verry handsom

  Name   Molly Bogan
  Email   mollybogan@aol.com
  Date   13-Jan-02
  Comment   What a wonderful website that covers the many years you have dedicated to the breed. I only hope that I can accomplish a tiny portion of what you have accomplished for the breed. I own Ch Candlewood's Abigail of Oasis (sired by Ch Franklin's Pickpocket f

  Name   Don BATES
  Email   doindogs@yahoo.com
  Date   07-Jan-02
  Comment   Great site, Great Dogs, Great Man all fine tribute to our "dual' ambitions. I have purchased four pups from Chris: SR Doindogs Ada of Kerrybrook JH,WC,CD and 2/3 CDX, Doindogs Yew of Kerrybrook, Doindogs Jet of Kerrybrook and Doindogs Blue of Kerryborrk

  Name   Bob Meyer
  Email   rkmeyer1@prodigy.net
  Date   04-Jan-02
  Comment   Hi,
It's atleast as good as you said and better. Congrats to Tony. Very nice job Tony.


  Name   Scott Lallier
  Email   lallier@frognet.net
  Date   28-Dec-01
  Comment   Very nice!!

  Name   Marjorie Samuels
  Email   morganar@msn.com
  Date   27-Dec-01
  Comment   Your web site is very nice! We used Pete for stud service and we are very pleased with the pups. They have wonderful temperaments...Smart too !!

  Name   Carol Parente
  Email   dparente@bellsouth.net
  Date   27-Dec-01
  Comment   I love your site! I have a two year old from Pete who is doing fantastic and will send a picture as soon as I can. I love to check on how Pete's offspring are doing in show, field and other activities. Hope you will be able to put my dog's photo in your